Thursday, September 30, 2010

Physical Art

I've had a crush on Andy Goldsworthy for years. And, like all devout druids, I went gaga over Rivers and Tides. So when local artist Christophe Eppe invited us Musers to join him today for a natural art collaboration, I jumped at the chance. 

We followed him high up into the hills, past his studio in St. Julien, to a viewpoint looking out across the Black Mountains toward Carcassone:

Our goal was to create a large egg from the slate tiles scattered about the hillside. Our first two attempts collapsed early on, but the third one held:

Musers Katharine Whitcomb and Jaclynn Gereluk, with artist Christophe Eppe.

Time out for lunch at a pretty nice picnic spot:

And back to work. Nearly finished...


p.s. Christophe is an amazing painter as well. As soon as he has a site to link to, I'll post it.

p.p.s. Because there were many hands at work and only one piece of work at hand, I slipped away a couple of times and created my own secret sculpture in the woods. (I had to leave a trail of "stick crumbs" so that I could find my way back each time.) 


  1. I was just telling my brother last weekend,( who has been looking for inspiration) how inspired I was by Rivers and Streams, and that he needs to see it. I'm glad you are living it.

  2. Tell him to click on that link ("Rivers and Tides"); it'll take him to the full-length film online. I watched most of it last night.

    Are there any shale deposits near Salem? If so, we could do some great stuff. It's not hard.