Monday, October 4, 2010


“The only sin is unawareness,” says Osho in Awareness

I’ve been pondering the delicate nature of the most valuable things: a tranquil ambience, a satisfying conversation, a harmonious relationship. Each requires that all involved enter into it with awareness and maintain that awareness from moment to moment to moment. It’s a delicate balance. Should unawareness come blustering into the picture, the balance is instantly destroyed. It’s a terrible truth. And it’s not fair. In my mind, serenity should trump entropy every time. But it doesn’t. And the things I seek become all the more valuable for being rare.

Osho goes on to say, “You have to find the center of the cyclone. And that happens only through witnessing.” Witnessing is the opposite of thinking:

Thinking can never lead you to the truth—because truth is virgin and has to be faced in its total virginity. The moment you bring the past in, you are destroying it. You have disrupted it; the purity is lost. Thinking means bringing your past to the present. Witnessing means no past, just the present—no bringing in of the past. Witnessing is passive. You are not doing anything—you are!

Something to not think about the next time Unawareness tries to steal my valuables.

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  1. It is the only sin. Been reading The Art of Living and it has a LOT of what Osho has to say in it. It's inspired by the S.N. Goenka method of Vipassana.

  2. That's the Vipassana method I've practiced. I'll try your Art of Living.