Thursday, October 7, 2010

La Muse-Perpignan-Barcelona

Katharine and Jaclynn,

I've been in Barcelona for an hour, having lugged two suitcases down six cobblestone streets and up three flights of stairs, and already I have to exclaim "I love it!" The energy here is intoxicating.

After our tearful farewell at La Muse this morning, I enjoyed a lovely quiet drive through the rolling hills of Narbonne and caught my first glimpse of the Mediterranean on my way to Perpignan.

My first sight of the Mediterranean (a glint of silver)

Perpignan is like a Mediterranean Left Bank. I'd love to shop it with you sometime, Jaclynn. Preferably on a sunny mid-winter break. It was halter-top weather there today. (Pictures from my day below.) And the train ride to Spain was not at all terrible; thanks for recommending an upgrade to first class. 

It's 10pm. Time to venture out into the Gothic district for tapas.

Hope you're enjoying a life-changing meal in Paris right now.

Avec amour,


Lunch at an outdoor café on the quai
Palais des Rois de Majorque
Inside the palace
A fallen saint in the palace garden
A promenade along the Basse River
Campo Santo, one of France's oldest cemeteries