Saturday, October 2, 2010

Carcassonne 2: Dear Di

Dear Di,

I made it to La Cité today, and the whole time I was prowling around the old Cathar stronghold, I kept thinking about how much you would love it. Let me rephrase that: how much you will love it.

Once one escapes Carcassonne's city center (which reminds me a little of Kenmore), the approach to the castle leads along some storybook lanes and around to the grand entrance at the far side.

A romantic view through the trees

Approaching La Cité

I was starving by the time I breached the gates, so I threaded my way through the maze of medieval shops and cobblestone streets to St. Jean, the restaurant that had been recommended to me, where I had my first cassoulet. I was frightened, because I'm a Person Who Does Not Eat Beans, but I made myself order the cassoulet because it's a regional specialty. And of course it was scrumptious.

Cassoulet. Mmmmm...

Lunch at St. Jean

Le Moat (or "The Front Porch")

Another fairytale view
View from the ramparts

After lunch I went exploring. I'll end my account here--because my camera died, and to keep you in suspense. Start stashing some Euros!

Avec amour,


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