Sunday, October 17, 2010

Invitation: Harvest Moon Tea Party

We get two Harvest Moons this year. Yes, two. The first coincided with the autumnal equinox on September 23, and was therefore christened the "Super Harvest Moon." I was far from my garden at the time. And far from the farm that keeps me in fresh produce in exchange for a few romantic chores a week (cutting flowers, digging potatoes, gathering eggs in a rustic basket). Alas! I was in France, and had to make do with the abundance of wines, cheeses, and pâtés that my fellow Musers and I had gathered that week. (What rotten luck!)

The second harvest moon is this Saturday. I am home from my travels. My tomatoes have finally ripened; my autumn greens are thriving; and the pig that I saw harvested before I left for France is now ready to be roasted. Being back among what I know and love, I'm in the mood to celebrate. A feast! An offering of favorite local foods and new French delicacies. A Harvest Moon Tea Party.

You're invited to join me as the last warm drops of summer evaporate into the crisp autumn air. The first bottle of blanquette will be popped at 5. Dinner will be served at 7. And heady conversation will be had throughout the evening. Bring your most scintillating self and join in the revelry.

The magic of L'Antic Teatre in Barcelona

Harvest Moon Tea Party 
Saturday, October 23
Vashon Island

E-mail me to RSVP or for more information. 

(As always, the overnight guest room goes to the first taker.)

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