Thursday, October 14, 2010

Valentine to La Muse

Dear La Muse,

It's been only a month since we met, and nearly a week since we parted, but already I've grown fond of you and look forward to my next visit.

Kerry and John, you're perfect hosts. And amazing people. You sparkle; you soothe; you inspire. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. And for the vision, courage, and hard work that you've put into creating such a welcoming and inspiring space for artists, writers, poets, musicians, and Creative Imaginatives of all persuasions. What Muse wouldn't willingly rush to one's side in such a setting?

I'm enclosing a scrapbook of my stay, for the edification and enticement of Future Musers (you know who you are).

With gratitude and affection,


Welcome to La Muse
The grape arbor
A room of one's own
My creative space
Playing with paint
An artist in her element
The happy-hour terrace
"French Lunch"
A walk through the village... the Source
A chestnut-strewn trail
Saint Michel mushrooms (Lepiota procera)
...and more "French Lunch"
The Prat Viel cows (thanks for the milk!)
La Montagne Noire
No hiking on "Hunting Wednesdays"
Fresh walnuts (see post here)
The vinyards of Lastours
My hidden sculpture
The window is wide open...

To learn more about La Muse or to apply for a 2011 residency, click here.


  1. I'm sure enjoying your photo's. It is nice to see the Artist in her element. What is your next stop?

  2. Vashon Island for the next full moon tea party. Can you come?

  3. This is beautiful, Kerr! Was that really your room? WOW.

  4. Yes, 'twas. And it could be Your room someday...

  5. I can breathe deeper just looking at the photos --