Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice Luminaries

To celebrate the solstice today, a group of us Island Folk showed up at K-Jo Farm this morning with the aim of lining miles of road with glowing luminaries by nightfall.

The mastermind behind this Magical Plan: Karen Biondo, Diva of Feast and Farm, who has been illuminating our island for over a decade now. And while this year's glow may have been a little damper than in years past, it was definitely a day well spent.

We got off to a rollicking start...

...and by noon we had hundreds of bags of sand loaded onto the trucks. 

We made quick work of folding down the tops of the bags... 

...and dropping them into place. 

Nearly finished!

Long before dark we began lighting candles...

...but at dusk, just as the bags were beginning to glow, it started to rain.

We spent a few dark, wet hours relighting candle after candle...

then gave in and gathered around the one light the rain couldn't dampen--

the solstice bonfire!

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