Sunday, January 9, 2011


Galactic Fabric

Here on the island we have a group of fiber artists, the FiberNet, that meets monthly to try on new fiber art forms. The last time I attended, we made our own paper using the pulp of grasses growing on site. At yesterday's workshop, artists Tamia Sheldon and Adrienne Antonson gave us the opportunity to design our own fabrics using screenprinting inks and stamps that we carved from potatoes. I arrived toward the end of the event, as most of the other artists were putting the final stamps to their gorgeous designs, but twenty minutes gave me plenty of time to carve a spiral and stamp out my own patterned fabric--which is now destined for book cloth.

Tamia runs Hand to Hand textiles. Check out her progressive "American Family" line of prints on Etsy.

Adrienne is a sculptor and clothing designer. See her gorgeous insects sculpted from human hair at Adrienne is also the art editor of Dark Sky Magazine.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Polar Bear, Walrus, Whale

My friend the Cupcake Goddess brought her Clever Artistic Tribe to the island today. After a gloriously sunny afternoon spent tossing rocks on the beach (and then tossing rocks on the farm), we returned to the warmth of the cabin to concoct a sugary menagerie. Yum!

Nick's Cuddly Bear
Lucy's Charming Whale
Thomas's Goofaluffalrus
William's Joyful Whale
Max and Ivy's Troubled Walrus
Ivy's Blissful Bear
Ivo's Nouveau Whale