Saturday, February 19, 2011

Music Writing

Can't wait to get a giant pad of paper and do more!
My sister (Violet Wednesday) and I have decided to give each other drawing lessons. The idea is that I will teach her to draw realistically, and she will teach me to draw from the imagination. 

For our first assignments, I handed her some well-worn exercises for drawing on the right side of the brain, and she instructed me to start a drawing without any idea of how it was going to turn out--and to change direction whenever the subject started to become recognizable. 

The next morning as I was sailing across the water on my way to work, I began what quickly turned into telephone doodles. Disappointed with my results, I spontaneously began to mimic the music on my ipod using my pen. Fun! When a new song started, I turned to a fresh page and did it again. And again. By the time my ferry arrived at the dock, I had covered pages with music writing.

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