Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Six-Armed Caterer

At the end of February, my BFF kicked off her law practice, Fioretti Law, with an open house. Huzzah!

My sister La Chef was to cater the event, and I was to assist her. However, the day before the party, we found ourselves snowed in--my friend in Bellevue with most of the ingredients, my sister in Ballard with the recipes and platters, and me on my island with the prep kitchen. Hmmm!

Undaunted, we proceeded to cater: La Chef dictated the recipes and procedures; Madame Lawyer set to and did most of the work; and I picked up extra ingredients to round it all out. On the day of the party, we brought all of the elements together--half a tapenade here, half there--and voila! a rich spread of colors and flavors.