Friday, June 17, 2011

What Makes for Great Conversation?

Some people have a mysterious gift for creating a space in which great conversation occurs naturally and organically. Zen Dog is one of those people. Everyone who comes through the door of his Tea House Gallery is enchanted into bringing their higher selves to the pouring table. How does he do it?

How does great conversation happen? That's the topic of the next conversation salon, taking place at the Fremont Coffee Company on Thursday, June 23, from 7 to 9pm. If our aim is to master the fine art of conversation, let's start by exploring what makes for great conversation.

Conversation is like dancing. The more skilled you are at it, the better an ear for rhythm you have, the more steps in your repertoire, and the more sensitive you are to the other's movements, the more thrilling and satisfying the dance.

Sparkling conversationalists are true performance artists. But sparkling conversation is more than an art. It's also a useful craft that can serve one well in every aspect of one's life, from wooing a lover to asking for a raise to taking action in one's community.