Friday, February 11, 2022


Today at 2pm I set out on what I thought was going to be 
an easy 3-mile hike to a waterfall along my first Cretan gorge, the Rictis. 

At first I was disappointed to find that the trail was paved—
though glazed with early spring runoff.

so far, so good

Then things started getting interesting . . .

the first of many footbridges

umm, where's the trail?

oh, there it is

ummm . . .

ah! more bridges

time to take off the shoes and wade



and more stairs

almost there—the waterfall is in sight . . .


a quick dip 

cheered on by the Greek couple with the best picnic spot ever!

It's already getting dark, so time to head back

up the endless stairs

over the river

and over the river

and over the river

and over the river

and through the woods

still some sunlight left . . .

and finally . . .

up above the treeline at last!


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